Monday, January 26, 2009

Around the Music World In Four Jumps

Various Artists - United Artists Doo-Wop Volume 4 (posted at Tobaldolang's House of Music)
A nice collection of doo-wop (classic rock from the 50's with vocal harmonies). Link

Bappi Lohiri - Jyoti OST (posted at Music From the Third Floor)
A fine Bollywood (Indian Hollywood) soundtrack from 1981. Link
Various Artists - The 'F' Word - Xtabay Trax Vol. 2 (posted at Xtabays World)
Nice collection of rare funk tunes. Link

Carabao - tho. thahan otthon (posted at monrakplengthai)
The band's name is actually คาราบาว and the album's title is better said as ท. ทหารอดทน but all you need know is that this is the most popular Thai rock band ever. These aren't my words of course but I don't really know a lot about Thai rock history. Link

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