Monday, January 19, 2009

American Top 4

Cortijo y Su Combo Con Ismael Rivera - Fiesta Boricua (posted at Global Groove)
Nice Puerto Rican album from 1960 with lots of south american flair. Link

Zakkarias - S/T (posted at Chris Goes Rock)
This is a really good early psychedelic pop album from the UK in 1971. Link

Various Artists - Eat Me! The Best of Cannibal Movie Soundtracks (posted at Knifefightingjesus)

Where else on this earth would you find such a thing? A compilation of cannibal movie soundtrack cuts? Link

Various Artists - Otuzbiz Cekmek: Turkish Essentials (posted at Knifefightingjesus)
I love old Turkish music with that psychedelic hint in the background so this comp is right up my alley. There are sound samples that you can listen to before commiting to the download. Link

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