Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cartoon Modern: A Book Review

I asked my wife to get me this book for Christmas. She ordered it from the publisher because they were having a sale, they shipped it, and I answered the door when the UPS man delivered a package that was labeled on the outside 'From: Chronicle Books Contents: Cartoon Modern.' This ended up being a good thing for me as she just gave it to me on the spot and said 'Merry Christmas.'

I immediately dove in to the book and fell instantly in love with the many illustrations from 1950's and 1960's animation studios and I give it my highest recommendation for any animation fan. The book's coverage delves deeply into all popular animation from the time period including tv, commercials, movies, and more. This book leaves me itching for much more and will provide a nice reference for me as I now try to collect some exmples of the actual content that is discussed within.

If you still are not convinced that this book is a must-own, go here and see the Google books preview.

List price is $40 but there are some books available for about twenty bucks at Amazon.

In searching for information for this post I also found that there is a cartoon modern blog that gets frequent updates so check it out!

Dr. Pepper Snack Bar Commercial (featured in the book)

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