Saturday, November 8, 2008

ABC Saturday Morning 1973

A great year for a six year old cartoon fan (me) as The Superfriends made it's debut and although it seems like a really crappy show now I don't think a weekend went by in which my brothers and I missed an episode of this show during it's original run.

I skipped the Bugs Bunny re-runs but you should know that the show was on and most of did watch it!

Don't forget the Saturday Superstar Movies either, a hit and miss (mostly miss) collection of 'movies' (or failed pilots as I like to call them) from the major animation studios of the day.

1973 ABC Saturday Morning Preview With Bugs

Yogi's Gang Preview With Michael Constantine

The Superfriends - Promo

Lassie's Rescue Rangers - Promo

Yogi's Gang - Intro and Closing

The Superfriends - Original Opening

Lassie's Rescue Rangers - Opening

Goober and the Ghost Chasers - Intro

The Brady Kids - Assorted Songs (also includes some Amazing Chan Clan stuff)

Mission: Magic - Opening

Saturday Superstar Movie - That Girl - Opening

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