Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Treehouse of Horror

The Treehouse of Horror started way way back in season two of the simpsons (1989!) and has been an annual event for the 19 seasons following it's initial run. The first few years are much better than the last few but this isn't to say that I think it has gone completely bad. My biggest beef is that Fox many times show it AFTER Halloween because they have the baseball playoffs and World Series going until the end of October.

I recently saw a complete set of these (in DIVX format) posted at the piratebay. If you have bittorrent you can go to and grab the set for yourself.

And now we begin with our Sunday Evening Cartoon show:

Marge introducing the Retrospective showing on 11/2/08

Treehouse of Horror - Season 5 - Russian overdub

Treehouse of Horror 7

The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror 7
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Treehouser of Horror 13 - Preview

Treehouse of Horror 15 - Complete Show

Treehouse of Horror 16 - Highlights

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