Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sunday Morning Cartoons (Halloween Edition)

Yes, SUNDAY morning cartoons! When I (we?) was (were) kids the cartoon programming options presented to us weren't the greatest - remember, we didn't have any 24 hour cartoon channels nor did we ever dream that something like that would exist. We had the great Saturday morning lineups, a little bit after school on the independent channels (WUAB-43 in Cleveland for me) and then on Sunday mornings they showed old black and white cartoons in between the public service stuff (church, 'Black on Black', etc.). In celebration of that I give you SUNDAY morning cartoons this week, all of which were created by the Fleischer studios.

Koko's Haunted House - Max Fleischer - 1928

Swing You Sinners - Max Fleischer - 1930

Bimbo's Initiation - Max Fleischer - 1931

Betty Boop - Halloween Party - Max Fleischer - 1933

Betty Boop - Halloween Party - Max Fleischer - 1933 (COLORIZED VERSION)

Cobweb Hotel - Max Fleishcher Color Classics - 1936

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