Monday, September 22, 2008

Weird Stuff!

The Happy Hammond Goes POP! - Even the guy who runs the blog calls this 'cheese' and he is really into this stuff. A good list of 60's hits all 'Hammondified' for your pleasure! Link

Harvey Records Presents The Harvey Comics Singles - Children's Records and More has reposted this collection of records based on some of our favorite Harvey Comics characters. Link

Yor, The Hunter From the Future OST - I think I liked this movie but I can't really remember but it did come out in the Apocalypse science fiction wave of the early to mid eighties. From the World of Soundtrack blog. Link

Shel Silverstein - Freakin' At the Freakers' Ball - Interesting title and a good collection of humorous songs from this long-time Dr. Demento favorite. Posted at Fat City Cigar Lounge. Link

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  1. Wow. I may have to do a a little research on this Shel Silverstein guy- the dude must have been quite the unique character: He was a member of Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show, a contributor to Playboy magazine (and friend of Hef), and renowned children's author (The Giving Tree, Where the Sidewalk Ends)... and now this odd little album. Interesting.


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