Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Give-A-Show Projector Blog

Wow! I don't remember these things being this crappy! Back when WE were kids we didn't have any such thing as video on demand. DVR - what the heck is a DVR? VCR - they were over $1500! In it's place we had lots of things that now keep most of our blogs going, including the Give-A-Show Projector (by Kenner I think?). While it was on my list for many Christmases and Birthdays, I was never able to obtain this magic little device. But the Give-A-Show blog comes to the rescue as he is digitizing these things and posting to youtube. The originals had no music (from what I can remember) and were fairly primitive in quality. There were better devices that came along during my childhood but none were quite as popular as this one.

Today's kids are really spoiled!

Here is the Three Stooges (from the cartoon):

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  1. Hey, thanks for the link and mention on Coo-Mo-Dee! You're right, the only ones I've posted so far that actually had a record with music supplied were the Adventure Time slides... but after making those into YouTube videos, I figured I'd make all of the Give-A-Show slides into videos, and add music and sfx where possible. I added the title cards at the beginning and end, too!



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