Saturday, September 27, 2008

ABC Saturday Morning 1971

Another good year for Saturday morning cartoons as they started to come on as their own and prove to the advertisers that there was a huge untapped market of eager consumers just waiting to be tapped. It's not really that any of us were actual consumers but we did have a huge influence on many of the products our parents purchased.

I will skip the Bewitched reruns that aired in the middle of the Saturday morning block because they aren't animated.

One Minute Promo for ABC Saturday Morning

Will the Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down? - complete episode with 'don't go away' bumper

Road Runner - Road Runner A-Go-Go

Funky Phantom - Opening

Jackson 5ive - Intro

Lidsville - Theme Song/Intro

Curiosity Shop - Intro

Jonny Quest - Intro

Lancelot Link - The Reluctant Robot

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