Saturday, July 26, 2008

NBC Saturday Morning 1980

Since there was no post last week I figured I owed you a bonus post this week. This year can best be described as VARIETY HOUR YEAR. Maybe this was meant to capitalize on the hit variety shows of the late 70's? Saturday morning cartoons were always a bit behind the times when it came to capturing popular culture.

Godzilla/Dynomutt/Funky Phantom!
Fred and Barney Meet the Schmoo! (with the Thing!)
Batman and the Super 7! (with Isis and the Freedom Force, Manta and Moray, and Web-Woman!!!)

Dynomutt - Episode 1

The New Schmoo Show - Opening

The Flintstone Comedy Hour - repackaged in 1982 as THE FLINTSTONE FROLICS

Captain Caveman - Intro

The New Adventures of Batman - Intro

Isis and the Freedom Force - Intro

Manta and Moray - Clip

Web-Woman - Dr. Despair and the Mood Machine

Superstretch and Micro-Woman - Sugar Spice

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