Sunday, July 6, 2008

NBC Saturday Morning 1977

Getting closer to my 'golden age' memories of these Saturday Morning Cartoons. I was ten in 1977 so I remember many of these cartoons with fondness.

NO RERUNS THIS YEAR! Well, unless you count the mid-season replacement for BAGGY PANTS AND THE NITWITS (Land of the Lost). I couldn't find any clips for THUNDER, BAGGY PANTS AND THE NITWITS and SEARCH AND RESCUE THE ALPHA TEAM. THUNDER was a show about a really smart Black Stallion (and one that I don't think I ever watched) and THE ALPHA TEAM was a prime-time series in Canada that aired on Saturday mornings in the US.

CB Bears - Intro

Space Sentinels - Intro (started the season titled YOUNG SENTINELS)

Sabrina the Teenage Witch - Two Rabbits Too Many (from the NEW ARCHIE/SABRINA HOUR)

I Am the Greatest the Adventures of Muhammad Ali - Unknown Episode

The Red Hand Gang - Intro

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