Thursday, May 1, 2008

Obscure OTR Shows (#1)

I have been listening to some old time radio shows during my lunches this week and thought that I would share a couple of them. Click on the titles to download from Rapidshare.

Crime and Death Take No Holidays - Ralph Gramm Robs Bank
Very weird show sponsored by Texaco and seemingly meant for broadcast in Texas. This show basically reads off a list of people who were either accidentally killed in auto accidents or who were involved in crimes. It is very blunt and to the point and there are some pretty lame safety messages laced throughout the broadcast which, I guess, is the purpose for the show (?). They also ring a bell after they announce a death. You have to heard this one to believe it - 'The truck in which Manuel Gonzalez of Mission Texas was riding struck a bridge abutment ... and the bell of death rang for Manuel Gonzalez. Ding' Unknown date.

Double Feature - 44-08-13 - Guest Edgar Bergen
Jackie Gleason starred in this show from New York. Standard and typical radio variety show with Andy Russell and Edgar Bergen. The comedy is really dated and most of the punchlines are pretty obvious well before the joke is even told. Edgar Bergen is definitely the highlight here and is pretty amusing. It's nice to hear some of Jackie's radio work but it pales in comparison to his tv work.

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