Monday, October 29, 2007

The Haunting Career of Gene Moss

WFMU has another fine posting that I needed to share, a career retrospective of Gene Moss. I can hear the mutterings now - Who?

A sampling of Gene Moss' creative genius:
  • Dracula's Greatest Hits (MP3, click the link to download)
  • writer and voice of Noodles Romanov on Roger Ramjet
  • a local kiddie horror show Shrimpenstein
  • voicework on many cartoons (Fantastic Four, Muhammad Ali Cartoon, Smokey the Bear)

If this isn't enough for you they also have links to a few monster-related songs.

Shrimpenstein (from youtube)

Roger Ramjet - Dr. Evilkisser
(from youtube)

Roger Ramjet on DVD at

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